CCMethod is a unique methodology created by Master Coaches Hector and Laura Teme that is used for personal, organizational, and governmental improvement. We use tools, knowledge, perceptions, training, and principles to empower the development of a strategic vision and the achievement of extraordinary results. Our company specializes in our ability to generate transformative spaces for this to occur.

Our Mission

To generate spaces for transformational learning using the tools of the Coaching discipline for the purpose of personal and organizational empowerment. We are an international organization committed to integrating the convictions, principles and values of Christianity into the existing practices of Coaching.


Our dream is that through CCMethod many people can:

  • Lead their own life in a powerful way

  • Design powerful actions that lead them to a vision that is aligned with God’s purpose for their lives

  • Learn to relate to others more effectively through linguistic tools to more fully enjoy their relationship with others

  • Recognize the most important principles and values for a fruitful life

  • Learn a more effective way of recieving and emitting judgements in order to make better decisions and eliminate conflict resolution avoidance

  • Have a very clear path to the achievement of extraordinary results, understanding that we can have fulfilling lives.

Our Founders

Master Coaches Hector and Laura Teme

  • Master Coach Hector Teme

    Founder and president of MÉTODOCC and the Christian Coaching University. Certified Master Coach, Member of the Argentine Association of Coaching Professionals (AAPC) and FederationInternational Professional Ontological Coaching (FICOP). Influencer, speaker and mentor coach with more than 25 years touring Latin America developing transformation and empowerment processes for corporations, governments, churches and hundreds of thousands of people who attend his trainings and conferences. Distinguished in the city of Miami with the Prominent Citizen award for his contribution through his books, conferences and training.

  • Master Coach Laura Teme

    Founder and president of MÉTODOCC and the Christian Coaching University. Author, speaker and certified Master coach. Member of the Argentine Association of Coaching Professionals (AAPC) and International Federation of Professional Ontological Coaching (FICOP). International speaker and author of "Mujer Protagonista" a book with precise tools that she has taught thousands of women throughout Latin America, making them stop being victims and become protagonists of their own history. She lives empowering men and women to achieve their maximum potential, and to develop the purpose in their lives. Impacting lives in spheres of Government, Organizations, Multinationals, Churches and individuals, around the world.